The mental health of an Athlete during the lockdown

The sporting world is at standstill, reeling from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. For athletes, this year will see Olympic dreams halted, professional career reassessed, and new obstacles to overcome.

Prolonged isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic could take a big mental toll on people whose livelihoods and self-esteem are intrinsically linked to competition, claims health experts.

A lot of athletes are still in an initial shock phase, probably confused and also with some relief after all the chaos,” Caroline Anderson, a psychologist who works with professional and Olympic athletes in Australia, said.

Of course (Covid-19) is a setback … But you can look at it as a chance to take a bigger step back, analyze your game and set a training plan for the next few months to see what weak areas you need to work on.”

Sports Authority of India, on its Facebook page and other social media, have hosted a number of events with respect to ensuring the mental well-being of the community at large. ‘Mindfulness meditation’, a yoga program, was followed by ‘health and nutrition during lockdown’ and ‘coping in the time of crisis (sports psychology)’ on April 8.

Athletes tend to be more disciplined about their habits or body clock, like following a sleep pattern or haves and have-nots when it comes to diet. Self-discipline has to be applied even in the current situation. Just because we are home doesn’t really mean we should eat anything any time or sleep abruptly. It’s critical to form and maintain a routine so that mental state remains focused and positive.

Need to design sports specific development, set targets, and monitor the nutrition as per their resting metabolism.

Of course, things will not forever remain in lockdown. At some point, whether it is posted a vaccine or before that, athletes will have to step back out. For them, the first task would be to resume training and bring it back to the same intensity as before if not more. Fixing short term goals, while keeping the broader picture in mind, is just the most basic of steps.

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