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If you are an active person or a sports guy, all you need a sports physiotherapist for preventive, curative and enhancing performance. At Physio Experts, we provide custom sports rehabilitation programs for athletes of all skill levels in every sport.

Our sports programs are tailored for-

  • Restoring functions
  • Decreasing pain
  • Helping you to get back normal
  • Speeding recovery

A sports physiotherapist will never let you set back. You can able to stay active for longer and achieve your sporting goals. Whether you are a national or state level athlete or a fitness freak, Our physiotherapist will provide you the best services for athletic taping, concussion management, pain management, injury recovery and emergency care. Our expert and well-experienced physiotherapist will never let you feel helpless during your sports injuries.

Why do I need to see a Sports Physio when I have no sports injury?

There is a misconception that one should see a sports physiotherapist when he/she has a sports injury. They should know that apart from getting you out from injury, sports physical care can be preventive too. Our physiotherapist will visit you when you have sprain or pain even after the injury has recovered.  Some manual sessions can provide relief and reduce the risk of future injury.

Sometimes, a sportsperson doesn’t realize that a sports injury is new, old, ongoing, acute or chronic. Without treatment, the problem goes severe which can make life miserable. Therefore, a sports physiotherapist let you perform movement freely and focus on your goal rather than injuries.

How Does a Sports Physiotherapist in Delhi Help You Out?

How Does a Sports Physiotherapist in Delhi Help You Out?

If you are a serious sports enthusiast, visiting a sports physio care is a part of your regime. It enables you to chase your dream. If you are regular gym goers, keeping in touch with a physiotherapist is a great way to continue your spirit of the exercise.

Did you know when you involve yourself in some exercise, running or any sports activity, your muscles tendons and joints warm up and fill with blood? The process gives necessary oxygen and nutrients to the body, releases CO2 and lactic acid. It helps to repair the body tissue.

While involving in some sports activities, the body repairs itself automatically. But things go wrong when injuries or a sprain occur to an athlete. Sports players work hard in the playground and at some point, the muscles tissue and joints breakdown. It causes pain, swelling, and redness. At that time, you can find us backing you by providing the best rehabilitation program.

At our clinic, we try to identify the deepness of the injury and also analyze the movement to arrange a custom stretching and strengthening the program.

Our sports physio program includes-

  • Identifying the injury and its aggravating factors to provide a huge relief
  • Stretch exercises, massages and various body movement activities
  • Guiding the sportsman about the right position of the body and precautions to follow
  • Strengthen the body to allow the body to work again as it was

Conditions that are mainly treated in this section are listed below and the techniques used are through Combination Current, specific exercise programme and electro physical agents.

Conditions include:

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfers Elbow
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Muscle strain
  • Ligament sprain
  • Joint efflusion
  • Stress injury
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