Postural Assessment


Complete Postural Assessment & Care

Did you know poor posture can be the reason for many symptoms & diseases? The most notable consequence is discomfort and pain which can cause chronic disease.

Postural assessment is the primary pillar of physiotherapy. It is associated with sitting, standing, supine, gait and prone. Don’t take the assessment complementary. The assessment goes hand in hand with not only physiotherapy but also Yoga, osteopathy, and chiropractic. With our comprehensive postural assessment, you can improve your health as well as lifestyle. With this assessment, we want to keep you alert about future-related health issues and how to improve your posture because prevention is better than cure.

How does Bad Posture can Influence Your Workout?

Did you know bad posture can make your effective workout plan fail? Before it’s too late, visit our Physio Expert clinic in South Delhi.

Your posture is the first thing noticed by most people. According to the latest survey, more than 70% of our initial impression is based on our body posture. To achieve a neutral posture, the muscles of the body should be in balance to give support to an aligned spine.

It is your physiotherapist who does the analysis of the muscles both manually and with the help of advanced tools. They try to know which muscles are weak, short or tight. In case, a person is going through an ankle sprain, the therapist examines his or her walk. It is to evaluate how he is compensating one side versus the other. It is natural that the body will use more the stronger side that can trigger torsion or twist in the pelvic musculature. A person with the right body posture can perform the exercise well and the weight is evenly distributed to the body parts. When your alignment is correct, all including muscles, joints and spine work together. Thus, a pain free environment can be created. If the alignment is poor, it can lead to injury.

How Can We Help You Out?

Laying the Foundation

We at first conduct body assessment and then a base conditioning phase comes. We closely monitor your basic exercises to notice any imbalance and how you move your body during exercise. That is when we work on correcting the body form. It is a foundation of your body’s movements before stepping into advanced moves. Thus, it reduces the chance of injury.

Prevention from Injuries during Endurance Training

Those who perform an intense exercise or advanced moves should be careful of their moves. Repeating wrong moves can lead to poor body posture. Our experts help you out get out of the problem.

Assessing Postural Distortions

We aim to provide you complete relief from bad posture. So, during the postural assessment, our team focus on postural distortions like head tile to one side, lowered shoulder, unusual shoe wear and weight imbalance. After performing a comprehensive postural assessment, we can able to notice which steps you should take to improve your posture.