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Physio Expert is specialized in providing physiotherapy at home in South Delhi. We have years of experience in providing top quality physiotherapy treatment for all types of health-related issues need physical care.

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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a holistic way to help people restore, maintain and maximize the mobility and strength of joints and muscles. It includes rehabilitation programs which promote health and fitness after injury in muscles, ligaments or joints.

How Does Physiotherapy Provide Benefits?

Physiotherapy has more than a dozen of benefits.

  • Help eliminate and reduce pain
  • Avoid surgery risks and improve mobility
  • Help to get recovery after a stroke
  • Help sportsmen recover from pain and injury
  • Work on improving balance and prevent falls
  • Help to make elderly people lives better

Our Physiotherapy at Home Services Include

Geriatric Physiotherapy Care

We offer doorstep geriatric care. As we age, our body needs special care for joint pain management and walking strength. We are a specialist of improving strength, mobility, and balance of elderly people by providing them physiotherapy at home. Our experts can handle geriatric health issues like osteoarthritis, osteopenia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer and various other neurological problems.

Physiotherapy for Women

We have special physiotherapy rehab program for women. Both working and housewives can get benefits from it. We help women on a range of health problems like obesity, neck pain, back pain, and walking. We aim to give them the flexibility to work independently. Women of any age group can call us at their home for day to day physio care.

Neuro Physiotherapy

Most patients suffering from a neurological-related health disorder cannot commute to a physio care center. In this case, we provide them physical therapy at home to bring improvement in symptoms like loss of balance, loss of function of foot or hand, pain, walking problem, and spasticity. Patients suffering from stroke, MS, head injuries, Parkinson’s and spinal cord injuries can call us.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sometimes, sports injuries need complete bed rest for days or months. Speedy recovery needs not only medicines but also physical exercise. We offer the best physical care at your home. Our physiotherapist will come to your home at the given time-frame. Book for getting the best physio care in Delhi NCR.

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

People who are going through hip replacement surgery, ACL reconstruction, rotate cuff injury, shoulder replacement and any kind of joint, ligament or muscles post-operative physio care can consult us.

Our physiotherapy at home services are available for everyone. Call us for appointment at +91-11-41000073.