Orthopedics Physiotherapy


Get The Best Orthopedic Physiotherapy Care in Delhi NCR

Start Living a Normal Healthy Lifestyle with Orthopedic Physical Therapy

An injury or illness affecting bones, ligaments, muscles, joints or tendons can make your life miserable. Luckily, you have a solution in the form of orthopedic physiotherapy to reduce pain and get back to your normal life.

A highly skilled orthopedic physiotherapist like us can help you deal with any orthopedic related health issue. Our orthopedic physiotherapy assessment and plan will assist you to get out from impairment or dysfunction to bony and soft tissue structure of the body.

When can Your Consult Us for Orthopedic Physiotherapy Assessment?

Orthopedic physical therapy helps to treat conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system and these conditions are

  • Fractures
  • Muscle strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Ligament Sprains
  • post-operative conditions
  • Spondylolysis

An injury to your bone, muscle, joint, ligament or tendon can cause severe to moderate pain, limit your functional mobility and losing strength. Such impairments are obstacles that can stop you to enjoy life fullest. Our physiotherapy care combines both traditional and modern techniques to bring improvement at fast speed

Our post-operative rehab program after your surgery will help you recover back from the pain and mobility restrictions.

How does Our Orthopedic Physical Assessment Plan Work?

We customize your orthopedic physical plan because every injury is unique. After assessing the patient’s medical history, we recommend a well suitable physiotherapy plan. We specialize in an array of orthopedic physical care.

Manual Therapy

Consult us for manual therapy which includes mobilization, manipulation and other related techniques to reduce pain and restore mobility. It is a holistic approach to improve injury and pain.

Massage Techniques

Considering the condition of the injury or pain, patients can undergo light pressure massage to deep friction massage to improve the mobility of the joint and providing huge relief from pain.

Interferential Therapy

In the therapy, a bearable amount of electrical current is passed to the injured area with electrodes. The current seems like someone is pinching needles on your body. The process helps in reducing pain, swelling and bring improvement in healing.

Dry Needling

In this technique, fine needles are inserted into the problematic area or muscles. It makes electrical and biochemical changes in the affected area that helps in healing. Dry needling can able to change the way your body feels pain.

Ultrasound Therapy

An electrical machine which produces ultrasound waves provides a micro massage to the body to reduce pain, increase the blood circulation, relaxing muscles and strengthening the muscles. It is an effective treatment during soft tissue injuries.

Neuromuscular Stimulation

A stimulation machine is used when a patient needs post-surgical treatment after his knee surgery. It helps to strengthen the muscles.

Taping of muscles

The treatment is advised to sportsmen to relax their muscles and enhance performance. We advise you the best tap and how to use it safely.

Special Exercise Programs

Our exercise programs are comprehensive including strengthening exercises, stretch and flexibility exercises, exercise to improve range of motion, balance exercise, functional mobility exercise, endurance exercise, and polymetric.

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