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“According to the Ministry of Tourism of India, India’s medical tourism sector can grow by 200% by 2020 with having $9 billion.”

What are the top reasons for booming medical tourism in the country? High quality of medical services at affordable prices is the prime reason for progressive medical tourism in India. A majority of inbound medical tourists in India are from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa. Recently, there is a spike noticed in medical tourism in India from the UK and the USA, around 16%. Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai are the top places in India which attract foreign patients to the country.

Physio Expert is endeavoured to offer world-class medical tourism experience in Delhi NCR. You will get all types of facilities that can make your medical tour to NCR hassle-free and easy. Our medical tourism helps those foreign patients seeking an affordable stay, medical check-ups, appointments and physical care.

More about Our Medical Support to Foreigners in India…

Arranging Appointments

When you are looking for an appointment to a hospital from offshore, things become tricky. All types of medical reports regarding your health need to be submitted online along with some personal details. It is time-consuming and can be confusing as well. We help you book an appointment with a renown specialist in Delhi.

Arranging Accommodation

When it comes to getting medical support offshore, the patient often comes along with one or two family members. At this point time, it is difficult to arrange accommodation. We can help you to stay comfortably in Delhi NCR.

Post Hospitalisation Care

After getting discharged, you may need some physical care. Physio Expert can arrange an expert physiotherapist for you for a speedy recovery.

Commuting Help

It is difficult for a patient to commute from the lodge to hospital or hospital to lodge. The thing turns worse when the patient is unable to walk. We can arrange to pick up and drop facility.

Assisting in Online Consultation

We can arrange an expert consultation for all kinds of queries related to a particular disease. Considering the busy work hours of doctors, the time goes in waiting for an appointment and travelling, We can arrange online consultation where patients and doctors can interact with each.

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