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The term physiotherapy may not be new to you, but do you know anything about biofeedback rehabilitation? It is one of the most popular rehabilitation to get improvement in health, body endurance, and performance. The trend is not much new in the USA and now, it is also getting popularity in India.

What is EMG Biofeedback Physical Therapy?

Biofeedback, as the name suggests, is a process of providing information to an individual about his physiological activities. There are tools in the category of biofeedback enable users to measure diverse psychological parameters such as heart rate, pain, muscle activity, or biomechanical parameters such as muscular force, motion and ground recreation. These parameters are found in a user by acoustic, visual or tactile signals. The best example of biofeedback device is a sports watch. In the gym, it is your treadmill sensor can read the heart rate while doing exercise. It keeps users aware of the intensity of exercise.

There is one more advanced technique and that is 3-dimensional analysis via videos. In this technique, complete analysis for a posture at different angles is performed. It also helps users to examine different movements like running, jumping or gait; the technique helps patients to get rid of muscular disbalance and postural misalignment.

Audiovisual neuromuscular techniques are performed which is powerful. The technique cannot be handled alone or without technical knowledge of electromyography, neurology and muscle re-education technique in which we are mastered.

Our Roles & Responsibility

We have a huge responsibility of bringing awareness of physical activities to get control over physical or biomechanical parameters which are all about controlling fast heart rate and muscle-related activities.

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