How to Stay active while Working from Home

How to-Stay-active-while-Working-from-Home-physiotherapy-south-delhi


Work from home gives many benefits like No commute, working in pajamas/ shorts, slippers, and access to snacks at any time of the day.

Negatives include little to no break, cabin fever, lack of sports, and lots of sitting.

At present stop reading and accessing your posture. Don’t keep evaluating rounded back, slouched posture, rounded shoulders, pocking chin, etc.

Question yourself: are you comfortable? If yes, don’t change your posture. Sitting straight will not eliminate the pain but the only movement can. We are not challenging the theories of good posture. We are trying to focus on the combination of comfortable posture and movement especially at the time of lockdown during the pandemic.

Seriously worry about how long you are sitting rather worrying about how you are sitting.

Instead of setting up your desk in the perfect position while working from home, that you have everything at a 90-degree angle, focus on moving. You may find different postures that are more comfortable than others, but that will not last long. But finding a variety of positions in your day can help significantly dealing with pain, energy, concentration, and overall satisfaction with your work from home.

Simple to follow –

  • Take breaks from work – stand up and move around after every 45 min.
  • Change your work position – sitting on a chair to sofa to bed or standing while reading or walking during a conference call or video conferencing.
  • Maintain a regular exercise routine

Get enough sleep – which means you get up without an alarm clock; good quality sleep can reduce irritability and increase concentration during work from home. Avoid screens and caffeine at least 2 hours before sleep.

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